Volume 9, Issue 1, Spring 2006, Page 7-272

The Pragmatic Theory of Literature

Dr. Maysa; a Kadhim Hussein

for humanities sciences al qadisiya, 2006, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 19-29

AbstractThe meaning of any text is best realized when linguistic competence and pragmatic theory of language are taken into consideration. Novels are best understood in terms of Speech Act Theory since they represent a macro-text act ( to use Hatim and Mason's {1990} term). Novels are reflections of the real world with real speech. The real reader is part of the context ,thus, part of the interpretations of the utterance. This is due to the fat that a real reader receives the intention of the real author who wants to achieve a certain perlocutionary effect on a certain socio-cultural context. Consequently, tackling any literary text without pragmatic theory constitutes a real problem. As a result, the present research attempts to answer the following question: Can Speech Act Theory be successfully applied to literature, and can fictional and conversational Speech Act be analysed and established similarly?

Verb Prominence in English and Arabic :A Contrastive Study

Riyadh Tariq Kadhim; Hashim Aliwe Mohammed

for humanities sciences al qadisiya, 2006, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 7-18

One of the most effective techniques that is used in arranging our text or message is the grammatical prominence or emphasis. Such a technique is used in all languages for different purposes. Thus each language has its own devices for the sake of achieving the effective distribution of information in a certain text. Hence, in constructing any text or message, there is a need to arrange our information according to the most important elements or parts in order to held the addressee recognize unambiguously the piece of information that can be seen as the most important of any message. Therefore, the emphasis or prominence may be given to each part of a text or a message that one prefers to make it prominent. Hence, there are certain devices that can be used to achieve such a goal. In this study, the emphasis will be given on one important part of the message: the verb or the verb phrase in both English and Arabic.